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January 26, 2010
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"Give me your lunch money!" A voice boomed at me. I turned around and saw Brett, looming right over me. "Loser! I said give me your lunch money!" Brett knocked me over onto the grass and pulled out my wallet. He took the cash from it, then tossed it at me. "Thanks, loser."

Two people walked up to me, and helped me get up. They were my friends, Jamie and Luke.

"Thompson," Jamie said to me. "You gotta do something about Brett! You can't just take it. Be the bigger one!" I looked at Jamie's dark hair and round face. He looked back at me, and I knew he was right. I needed to do something to get rid of Brett.

"How can I do so?" I asked Jamie.

"Duh. Tell the principal or a teacher!" Luke replied.

I looked at Luke and followed with, "Nuh-uh, no way. I am not being a tattle-tale!"

They looked at me silently and I knew what they were saying. It was being a tattle-tale, it was doing the right thing. "Okay." I said finally. "I'll do it. Tomorrow." They looked at me, narrow eyed.

We walked down the street towards my house. We couldn't go to the store any longer because Brett took all my money. We entered my house, and I turned on the TV. My parents must have been watching the news before they left, because the channel was tuned to it. I was about to change the channel when the news lady started saying something about "an infection that spread over from Pennsylvania into the neighboring states of New York, Maryland, New Jersey, and now, Ohio. Citizens of Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, and Canton were said to be extremely careful, as infected individuals have been reported to be there."

I looked over at Jamie, who in turn looked at Luke. Luke grabbed the remote and started channel surfing. We saw an infomercial for a mop, an ad for Tank Burger, and then a women screaming. Luke tuned to that channel, and it showed an Asian women with some kind of creature, missing its legs, sucking blood from her neck with his tongue.

We watched the movie for a good hour before the sound of broken glass alarmed us. We looked around to hear garbled noises and screams, and we froze with fear. A man had broken into my house, and found us. His skin was grayish, and he had blood all over him. He screamed as he ran towards me and took a bite out of my arm. I screamed in pain as Jamie ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Luke tried to shove the man away, but he scratched Luke. Jamie returned, and jabbed the knife into the man's back, and he screamed in pain. He turned around and managed to scratch Jamie before falling down, dead.

The neighbor's must have heard all the commotion, because soon, police and an ambulance had shown up at my house. They saw the dead body of the infected man and the cops shouted at us for murder. The paramedics, however, told the cops that the man was infected with the Pennsylvania disease, and if Jamie hadn't done what he did, we'd all be dead.

The ambulance took the three of us to a hospital, where we were analyzed and a whole bunch of other things. My muscles in my upper body were killing me.

Days later, and I noticed my arms were bigger. The muscles and bones were growing at an incredible rate. I looked over at Jamie, his long black hair covering his eyes, but I knew he was looking back at me. I then turned to look at Luke, who was asleep. His blond hair wasn't long enough to cover his eyes.

A week had past, and my one fried from school, Ahmed, told me Brett was looking for me, and if I don't come to school soon, he'll come to the hospital. I was fairly pissed at Brett. If it weren't for him, this wouldn't have happened. We would have gone to the store, then wasted time outside, not inside, waiting vulnerably for that infected man. My arms and chest were fairly large now. My legs needed support from my arms to walk. I looked kind of like a gorilla. My shirt had been torn due to my large size, and I charged out of the hospital. Jamie and Luke were still in their beds when I left.

I made my way out of the hospital, leaving a trail of bodies behind me. Anyone foolish enough to get in between me and Brett needed to die. I made my way over to our high school, and I found Brett picking on some other poor kid. I roared and got Brett's attention. He looked at me and froze with fear. I was the bigger one now. With my large arm, I whacked Brett. I heard a few bones crack as he screamed in pain. With that, I reached into the ground and ripped up a chunk of the road, and threw it at Brett. It crushed him and he lay there, motionless. I had killed Brett. I still wasn't satisfied, however. I needed to kill more. Every single person around me, not infected, needed to die. Right now. I noticed the kid Brett was picking on earlier and gave chase. I realized the kid easily outran me, so I made my way over to the dumpster. I punched it with all my might, and it flew towards the kid, killing him instantly.

A month later, Akron fell to infection. Jamie and Luke were still alive. But something was different about them. They weren't like the other infected. Jamie could jump higher than me, and was excellent at pouncing people. Luke, on the other hand, had a large tongue that could snare people up and strangle them. Together, they worked as a team to lead people towards me, where I would ambush them with a car, or a dumpster, or my fists. People called me a Tank.
Tank story! Hooray for irony! Just like the witch! And yea, Jamie and Luke become a Hunter and Smoker. I didn't want to kill off Jamie or Luke, for some reason, and I didn't want them to become regular infected. So I turned them into two of the most lovable zombies out there. =D
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"People called me a Tank"
The best "end of the story" I've ever read!
Your good at these :)
This one is really cool :D
Much obliged =D

I love irony. xD This one and the Witch are ironic.

Thats the sound I make when I'm killin ur Survivors lol

Good on ya Des-guy =D
Thank you. Time to tackle the Spitter (eww) next.
once again, nice! Not as long or narrative as before. But I still loved every bit of it! You have a talent for writing!
Thanks dude. ^^ That means something to me ^^

And yea, I think they're getting shorter because I don't like reusing the whole hospital part. It makes me think I'm boring you guys with the same hospital stuff.
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